The Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana provides Higher Eduation based on criteria of academic excellence, ethics, and social responsibility. By putting into effect its university autonomy and with full tolerance towards all schools of thought, it aims to:

Educate and develop people having a high standard of academic and professional abilities within the technological scope, supported by the generation, transfer, application and spreading of its knowledge in the areas of its capacity, in order to contribute to the sustainable development of the country and the society in which it is embedded.

The UTEM shapes individuals with a solid preparation, enterprising, autonomous, having a sound knowledge of ethical principles, accountable for their actions and the free exercising of judgement and criticism, capable of carrying out teamwork , leaders in their field of competence as well as in the construction of a society every day more just, pluralistic, and democratic; professionals who know and manage technologies, view and understand them as a means to achieve the development of society and environment, with a capacity and willingness to keep on learning during all their lives.

We are a specialized university, though not exclusive, in certain areas of technological knowledge where UTEM carries out its fundamental activities.

The knowledge generated by the continuous development of science, technology and social and economic progress is incorporated in all its curricula, in accordance with its objectives and professional profiles, a result of the internal research done in some specific areas of knowledge, as well as that coming from other higher education centers.

Owing to its transformative nature, and to the extent of its academic possibilities, our University sponsors change and advancement in our country and society, in their broadest possible sense; it also aims at being present in the daily life of society through the generation, spread and application of its own knowledge as well as the external one and, fundamentally, by means of its graduates and their commitment to the awareness and solution of national issues with a universal view, and their additional commitment to life-quality improvement, showing respect to Man´s dignity and his harmonic coexistence with his fellow-persons and nature.

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